The Arctic Griddle Is No Longer Available

Custom Circuit Solutions LLC had spun off a new company (Arctic Griddle LLC) to manufacture and service in the USA the most reliable, safest, and all around best rolled/fried ice cream pans on the market, known as the Arctic Griddle.

However, due to the pandemic slowdown, the Arctic Griddle pans are no longer being manufactured. Support for existing machines will continue until all warranties are honored.

Many customers continue to ask us what other type of machine they should purchase. While we are hesitant to recommend any other products, as we state on our FAQ page, the only other brand that isn't complete garbage is Kolice. But, we still recommend that the machines be purchase through a site such as Amazon that can provide some level of customer protection should they arrive with issues.

For recommended scrapers, we also recommend the Kolice brand. Their 3" wide straight edge roller is our favorite. It's also been tested not to gouge most pan surfaces. It can be found here:

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Table top Arctic Griddle rolled/fried ice cream machine
Table Top Arctic Griddle
Arctic Griddle Back View
Counter Top Arctic Griddle Back View